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This URL: Wix Site Pricing Plans

› Wix Site Builds

Wix I from €500
For a small business
Custom 5 page website

Wix II from €1200
Optimized for SMEs
Custom 12 page website

Wix III from €1500
For a dynamic e-commerce store

› Content Creation

500 words: €50; 1000 words: €100
1500 words: €150; 2000 words: €200
Logo Design (4 versions): €160

Google for Wix

Ads Manager: €230 per month
GMB Manager: €190 per month
Search Console Validation: €25 per hour

› Core Business

Edits / Revisions: €20 per hour
Mobile Responsive: €100 per page
Keyword Optimization: €20 per hour
*Dedicated SEO Manager: €500 per month


 *Our Dedicated SEO Manager service gets cheaper after 3 months, a 10% loyalty discount applies on day 91. This increases to 15% after 180 days and 20% after one year. For new clients ordering multiple services, we are open to negotiating discounts. Send us a message for details.

 We price our Wix SEO services and site design work with everyone in mind, from startups to established e-business companies. We don't clock-watch and generally don't charge for overtime in most cases. When we work on your Wix website, we are always available on Skype and WhatsApp in real time to answer any questions you may have. This is the essence of remote working.

 When we develop a Wix small business site (Wix I) it takes about two weeks to reach live testing stage. A Wix SME site (Wix II) takes about one month, while a custom Wix e-commerce store (Wix III) takes about two months (dependent upon inventory size).

 SEO is the most critical component of every web project and everyone asks how long it will take for their site to climb up the Google ladder. Wix SEO must be continuous, and, not unlike cooking rice, simmer carefully and don't let the pan boil dry! Expect to wait about six weeks for your Wix site to show significant improvement in Google / Bing SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) while working with Wix Web Team experts on your Wix SEO.

 Logo turnaround takes about a fortnight. If your needs are rather urgent, we have fast track options for all services.

 Payment options are Paypal and bank transfer.


 It is easy find websites that offer Wix website design services and Wix SEO services. You will see that many charge truly extortionate prices, indeed, in most cases, the websites they have designed for their own business are amateurish and rarely, if ever updated. Most of them are based in the United Kingdom which is disappointing as the owner of Wix Web Team is originally from England (based in Lviv, Ukraine since 2013).

 If you search for "Wix SEO UK" you may as well hand over your card number. All of those websites will leave your website looking bad and in real trouble on Google. US websites are even more expensive, however, their services overall are better than anything UK. The dustbin of Wix SEO services and Wix site design can of course be found in India on freelancer.com, upwork.com, so on and so forth. We strongly advise against going down that road.

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